Video interview with Masahiro Yamamoto - The 3rd generation of Kawachi Genichiro Shoten - July 2022 Part 1


Masahiro Yamamoto, the 3rd generation of the Koji spore company in Kagoshima, Kawachi Genichiro Shoten has the title of Doctor of Agriculture. He shares so much about the possibilities of Koji in our interview after 2 years.


The video was recorded on 5th July 2022.
This part was spoken in English.
The length of the video is 28 minutes.


The topics in this video are

- Introducing Kawachi Genichiro Shoten

- About the business of Koji spore company

- Other possibilities of Koji - animal feeds made with Koji

- 100 times stronger enzymes producing Koji

- Release of the small packet of Shiro Koji (Aspergillus luchuensis kawachii)

- About Shiro Koji (Aspergillus luchuensis kawachii)

- ‘Koji water’ with Shiro Koji

- Shochu making in Australia?

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