Happy New Year!

Koji and co's new year started with a Miso Making workshop at Mexican Street Food in Northcote on 2nd January.


It was such a meaningful time to talk about various topics including the challenges that we face in pursuing cultural authenticity to share by running as a 'business' in Australia.
I felt I am not alone to struggle with the endless 'battles' with Council's regulations that could burn us out who do things with passion and  try to do things really properly.
It is wonderful to meet people who are understanding, sharing passion and appreciating what we do. That's why I do what I do.
I was given lots of fresh Shiso leaves by them and, 
I made Shiso Miso the next day.
[Shiso Miso]
- Shiso leaves 10
- Chickpea Shiro Miso 30g
- fresh red chillies 1/3
- oil 1/2 TBS
- Mirin 1TSP
1. Chop Shiso leaves finely and slice chillies
2. Saute chillies with oil and add Miso and Mirin
3. Remove from the heat and mix with the chopped Shiso leaves
4. Enjoy on top of a bowl of white rice! 
Thank you so much for having me in the workshop!
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