Koji and co Akita

I've arrived in Akita, Japan.


I have been working with the community of City of Odate, as an importer of Akita Sugi crafts in Australia, as part of my business Koji and co in Melbourne. 

The purpose of the visit is to work very closely with the local network - Kutsuzawa Seizaisho, the lumber mill company where the Akita Sugi crafts are from. 

By not only being in charge of translating the Akita Sugi Miso Oke brochure into English but also meeting lots of people, visiting Akita Sugi forests and some makers and eating local foods...  I will have much better understandings about Akita so that I can provide much more information to the world.

So far, I have been touched by the warm welcomes by the local people. I am so excited about what are coming.

Koji and co Akita runs from 16th February to around 3rd March. 

Stay tuned.

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