The difference between Oke(桶) and Taru(樽)


In Japan, we call wooden tubs whose lids are removable ‘Oke’ (桶) and we use them for Miso, Shoyu making, Nuka and so on. Oke is obviously the word ‘Ki-Oke’s Oke, ‘Ki’ means wood. Oke is used to make Sake too. 


‘Taru’ (樽) on the other hand, looks like a Wine barrel that does not have a removable lid on top and to store and transport liquid such as Sake or Shoyu. We call the one to store Sake ‘Sake-Daru’. 

Taru (樽) is more suitable to store liquid for a long period of time than Oke (桶). 


So if you can remove the lid and can see the whole bottom inside, it would most likely be Oke ().

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