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Dried Mugi (Barley) Koji - Ki-Koji : Aspergillus Oryzae 200G

Dried Mugi (Barley) Koji - Ki-Koji : Aspergillus Oryzae 200G

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Locally made with Australian Bio-dynamic grains and Koji spore ‘Kawachi-kin’ from Kagoshima, Japan
Aspergillus oryzae (Ki-Koji) is the mainstream type of Koji.

Koji grain is an essential ingredient to make traditional Japanese fermented condiments such as Miso, Sake, Mirin, Shoyu, Amazake and Shio-Koji. Barley Koji creates distinctive aroma in Miso making, also can be used to make Garum.

We authentically make Koji grains with best quality local produce and selected Koji spore that creates incomparable depth of flavour. The slightly greenish colour is its feature. We deliver it in a most accessible form so that you can easily handle and do your own ferment at home.


Biodynamic pearl barley, Koji spores (A. oryzae)

Shelf life:

For 6 months at room temperature, cool dry place.

Available only in Australia

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