What is 'Sakadane'? - the natural yeast bread starter from Japan

What is 'Sakadane'? - the natural yeast bread starter from Japan

Have you ever thought about letting bread dough rise with traditional Japanese Sake making method?

Sakadane (酒種) is the natural yeast bread starter based on Sake making -  it is not sourdough but is the unique and traditional leavening agent for bread-making from Japan.

The ingredients for the Sakadane bread starter are : rice, rice koji and water.
Once you make your mother starter, you can feed it for years and years, like sourdough starter.


It is said that one of the most famous bread maker ‘Kimura-ya (木村屋)’ in Tokyo that was established in 1869, developed the Saka-dane bread making method.


Sakadane is not only for simple bread but also can be used for rich type of bread such as Shokupan, brioche or croissant. 


What is special about Koji & Co's Sakadane is that we make Sakadane in Wild Akita Sugi Kioke - one of a kind Sakadane to bake with the wild forest.

We are offering classes to make your own Sakadane from scratch - Details from here