Miso making and Katsuobushi shaving workshop at Melbourne farmers market kitchen

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Miso making and Katsuobushi shaving workshop at Melbourne farmers market kitchen

Miso making and Katsuobushi shaving workshop at Melbourne farmers market kitchen

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Koji and co Workshop is back!

Thrilled to announce that Miso making workshop will be held at the recently finished Melbourne Farmers Market Kitchen in Alphington.

At this workshop you will learn about Koji fermentation, focusing on Miso and Katsuobushi.
Our workshop includes making your own Miso, that you will take home so it would keep fermenting over time to cook with after 1 year of fermentation at home.

Using the Melbourne Farmers Market Kitchen space means there is enough room for everyone to safely make their own Miso, in a safe environment.  This means the Miso you make and take home will only be touched and mixed by yourself.

This workshop also includes an explanation of Katsuobushi, the Japanese fermented fish – which is known in Australia as Bonito flakes.  We will explain how Katsuobushi is traditionally made at in Kagoshima, Japan – and then teach you how to shave the Katsoubushi to create the flakes to make Dashi, the important ingredient to make Miso Soup.

This workshop includes lunch: With the Katsuobushi-Dashi , you will taste various kinds of Miso to make your own ultimate Miso Soup for your lunch, sided with Omusubi rice balls.


A day to fully experience Japanese fermentation in Melbourne.

14th March 2021 (SUN)
10:00AM - 1:00PM

Melbourne Farmers Market Kitchen
2 Wingrove st, Alphington 3078

What is included:

  • fundamental lecture on “Koji fermentation“ - including a handout to take home

  • Chickpea Aka (Red) Miso making in individual hands-on setup - app 1.4kg to take home (the ingredients and a container provided) to ferment for about 1 year

  • Katsuobushi shaving

  • Lecture on Katsuobushi making process

  • Tasting Katsuo-Dashi + various kinds of Miso = Miso soup

  • plus, Omusubi rice balls for lunch

  • Miso recipe suggestions

    Maximum capacity : 8 people


Koji and co Workshops cancellation policy:

  1. We ask that you stay at home and do not attend our workshops if you are feeling symptomatic or have been advised to self-isolate.

  2. If you are unable to attend the workshop you can give your place to your friend or family member. Please email us as soon as you can before the course with the name and contact details of the person attending in your place.

  3. We can only reschedule your date if there is a waiting list and we are able to re-sell your spot. No refund will be given in case you do not attend the workshop on the day.

  4. If we are advised by the Government to postpone the workshops we will resume them as soon as it is possible. All workshops will take place when we are allowed to run them again. We will contact all participants as soon as we can with information on how to re-book your date, please let us know to request a refund. .


* This is a chance to get hands on with learning how to make Miso and to shave katsuobushi in a fun way. 
If you wish to learn more about Koji fermentation,  please sign up our newsletter (subscription form is on the page).   Then you will be the first to know about other workshops we have planned:

  • Koji-grains making

  • Doburoku (or as you may know it - Sake)

  • Miso Cooking class with a Japanese chef

we will have more ranges of workshops soon!