Tailored Koji classes for groups of people, teams of restaurants, cafes bakeries, bars and speciality stores

We offer customised contents for groups of people to learn about the Japanese way of Koji fermentation for their needs in Australia.


Saeko's workshop was terrific for our staff at Wild Life, who are always eager to learn more about different styles of fermentation. Everyone loved getting their hands dirty making miso, and watching it ferment over the past few months. I think it's such a meaningful thing to be able to make foods like this in-house, and learn from someone experienced directly, rather than trying to make it work after reading a book. We'll be really keen to do more workshops with Koji and Co in the future!

- Huw Murdoch
Wild Life Bakery


The options for contents of the class would include but not limited to…
・Basic lecture on Koji fermentation  (A. oryzae + A.luchuensis)
・Miso making for your menu
  - Kioke (wooden tubs) options available
・Shio Koji making for your menu
  - Kioke (wooden tubs) options available
・lecture on Amazake
・About Sake, Awamori and Shochu
・fresh Sake Kasu usage suggestions
・Miso / Amazake / Shio Koji usage suggestions
・Katsuobushi (Hon-Kare-Bushi)
・Koji making process ***

 Please inquire by email


Koji fermentation class at Gimlet at Cavendish house in 2022