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Koji Making Kit

Koji Making Kit

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Akita Sugi Koji Buta made genuinely with wild Akita Sugi with no adhesives.
It is designed to make batches of Koji at home with Japanese authenticity.

‘Koji making kit’ comes with the traditional Akita-Sugi Koji tray, a packet of Koji spores (15g), Koji tray covering cloth and the original textbook.

The textbook "The Koji and co Guide to Koji Fermentation 2020" has a very practical list of equipments that you can get in Australia and all the basic procedure to make Kome Koji at home.


The textbook is designed for Koji making beginners to learn basics step by step, and the content is focused on very essentials and shaved off excessive information so that you won’t be overwhelmed before even making your first batch of Koji.
Let’s get started with the least but necessary instruction.


We have this premium Tane Koji exclusively imported from Kawachi Genichiro Shoten in Kagoshima, Japan, that is also excellent for Rice and Barley Koji making.
The grained Tane Koji very well spread onto grains and grows fast by its distinguishing high enzymatic activity.

A packet of Tane Koji (A.oryzae) 15g is to make 15 kg of Rice Koji.

The Koji Buta (tray) is handmade genuinely with wild Akita Sugi with no adhesives.

The small sized tray holds 500-600g of rice.
The internal dimensions (cm) ; length 32 X width 22 X depth 5
The external dimensions -longest parts- (cm) ; length 39 X width 27 X depth 6

The Koji Buta will last a lifetime if taken care properly


The kit also comes with our custom-made Yoshida-Sarashi 100% cotton covering cloth which fits the Akita Sugi Koji Buta tray, imported from Niigata, Japan.


Available only in Australia

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