Miso cooking class by Japanese Kaiseki chef Akira Kageyama

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Miso cooking class by Japanese Kaiseki chef Akira Kageyama

Miso cooking class by Japanese Kaiseki chef Akira Kageyama

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Miso plays an essential role in Kaiseki cuisine.


The one and only genuine Japanese Kaiseki chef in Melbourne’ – my Chado (tea ceremony) teacher defines Mr. Kageyama.

Kaiseki (懐石) Cuisine is a formal meal served at a Japanese tea ceremony. At the heart of kaiseki cuisine is the Japanese principle of taking ingredients at the peak of their seasonal freshness. Enjoyed before the tea part, traditional Kaiseki dishes are presented simply.


Chef Kageyama has more than 40 years of experience of Japanese cuisine. He was born in Shizuoka, went to Okinawa and learnt to become a cook for three years. He then went to Kyoto to learn more as a professional, worked and trained for seven years.

Chef Kageyama came to Melbourne in 1997 and since, he has been serving Japanese cuisine in Australia for over 20 years. He opened the Kaiseki restaurant ‘Aka Tombo’ in Prahran in 2002, much loved by locals and received good rating on Good Food Guide each year.


Kaiseki cuisine being originated in Kyoto, Shiro Miso in particular is largely used in Kaiseki Cuisine, and there are representative dishes like ‘Saikyo-Yaki’, ‘Dengaku’ and not to mention ‘Miso-Shiru’ (soup).

In this workshop, Chef Kageyama shows us the authentic usage of Miso in Japanese cuisine, which you can easily apply to your everyday meal, using both Aka Miso and Shiro Miso.
The chef is going to show us the process of 4 dishes including the whole recipes, and will serve you the dishes as lunch on the day.


18th April 2021 (SUN)
10:00AM - 1:00PM

Melbourne Farmers Market Kitchen
2 Wingrove st, Alphington 3078

What is included:

  • Cooking class of making 4 dishes using fresh Aka Miso and Shiro Miso

  • Handout of the recipes

  • Kaiseki lunch by chef Kageyama

  • Chickpea Shiro Miso to take home

Maximum capacity : 8 people


>>> updated on 30th March 2021 <<<

The menu

  • Slow-cooked Daikon with Chickpea Shiro Miso

    ふろふき大根 (Furofuki-Daikon)

  • Soba noodle Salad with Miso dressings

    そばサラダ 味噌ドレッシング (Soba Salad)

  • Miso-stewed mackerel with ginger

    サバの味噌煮 (Saba Miso)

  • Miso Soup with pork belly and seasonal root vegetables

    豚汁 (Ton-Jiru)

    *lunch will be served with a bowl of rice

    The demonstration includes ‘How to make Dashi stock‘.


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