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Sugi Kioke from Akita, JAPAN - for Miso, Shoyu and Sake making - small / medium / large

Sugi Kioke from Akita, JAPAN - for Miso, Shoyu and Sake making - small / medium / large

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Let's start growing Kioke for your one of a kind Miso, Shoyu or Sake at home 


This exceptional Kioke is handmade with craftsmanship using Wild Akita Sugi of over 150-year-old that has excellent durability.

We directly import from the manufacturer Kutsuzawa Seizaisho where Kiokes are made by the team including the Master Artisan of Traditional Crafts who has over 40 years of experiences.

Through using Oke over time, fermentation bacteria will be alive in the timber that would enhance flavour. The Miso / Shoyu / Sake would be pleasantly scented with Akita Sugi. You will be able to make one of a kind Miso / Shoyu / Sake at home. The Kioke can be used for Nuka pickling as well.

The Kioke will last a lifetime if taken care properly



The size range of Kioke are for approximately 3kg, 6kg and 10kg of Miso.

・Small (3kg) : Size (cm); outside diameter 22.5 X height 18.5 - inside diameter 19.0 X depth 15.0  

・Medium (6kg) : Size (cm); outside diameter 22.5 X height 30 - inside diameter 19.0 X 26.5 

・Large (10kg) : Size (cm); outside diameter 26 X height 33.5 - onside diameter 22.0 X 30.0 


Available only in Australia

More information about Akita Sugi

* You may find small gaps on Kioke over time. To minimize this to happen, please follow the instruction for storage that comes along with the products. In case it happened, please refer to the instruction for how to tighten the loosened hoop part from the link below.

The possibility of having the gaps due to it are a part of the natural characteristics of wooden Oke and is not defection and they should be able to be fixed on your own unless the product be left untreated for long period of time. 


How to fix the hoop parts



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